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Pre wedding Functions

Pre wedding Functions
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We are specialized in flower decoration Delhi NCR for wedding and Pre wedding function .In Indian marriages before wedding there are many Pre wedding Functions held like Roka, Engagement Ceremony, Mehendi Celebration, Sangeet Party, haldi and Cocktail party. In all these Pre wedding function marriage flower decoration is the vital around which all functions begin. Hire an expert wedding flower decorator Delhi to décor home for all kind of pre wedding functions.


This is one of prime ritual of Indian Punjabi marriages and in this ritual the family of bride and groom commit for marriage means it is ritual commitment of both the families towards marriage.

Engagement Ceremony


After the Roka its time for ring ceremony or say Engagement Ceremony means sagaai. In this Pre wedding ritual bride and groom exchange their rings. It is very special occasion so stage flower decoration for Engagement must be done by experts

Mehendi Celebration

In Indian marriage Mehendi is for Sagan and the color of mehandi shows the love of broom towards bride. A professional mehandi artist called to design attractive henna in Bride’s palms. This is normally takes place at the Bride’s home but according to different culture in some groom’s home also.

Sangeet Party

Sangeet party or say ladies sangeet starts3 or 4 days before in the wedding house. Ladies of the bride and groom‘s family sing and dance on marriage songs by playing an instrument -dholak. It is most enjoyable and lovable moment of marriage. In olden times this function was celebrated separately in bride and groom’s home. But today the trends are change bride and groom’s family together celebrate this special party with their relative on the one roof.


It is one of the favorable rituals of Indian marriage that takes place a day before wedding in both bride and groom home.  The female members of family prepare a special paste from Turmeric, Rosewater and Sandalwood and apply it on body of the bride and the groom to bring a glow.